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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

It is at the heart of Harbor Day School that our students learn to be responsible and empathetic members of society. That starts with recognizing and celebrating the diversity that makes our world so remarkable. We strive to create an inclusive school community, and we're excited to continue our journey of growth and learning together.

Core Value 4 of the school’s Strategic Plan emphasizes fostering socially responsible and empathetic students who recognize and embrace differences among the members of our society. That is done in many ways including through all-school assemblies, student presentations, and parent-faculty events that emphasize elements of identity and multiculturalism.

In our lower school, students have the opportunity to showcase their cultural beliefs and celebrations through student-led presentations. These presentations not only share the students’ knowledge but allow them to take ownership of their heritage, culture, and traditions and share them with their peers. The class benefits from learning about the diverse cultures and traditions, which broadens their understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

In middle school, 7th and 8th graders, with the guidance of the middle school DEI coordinator, present important cultural events to middle schoolers and faculty during Morning Meetings. Through these presentations, students not only teach others about the significance of these events but also hone their research and public speaking skills. By celebrating these cultural events, students help contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic school community.

The DEI Committee organizes parent book discussions twice a year, focusing on various topics. Past topics have included immigration, neurodiversity, identity, and culture. These gatherings spark meaningful discussions, bringing our community together to explore different perspectives and experiences. They give our community a chance to learn about the similarities, differences, and points of view that exist. Coming together in this way also serves as an opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level. 

DEI Mission Statement

Harbor Day School promotes a culture of understanding where we value the unique qualities of our community constituents. Instilling a sense of ownership as we strive to increase awareness and influence actions, we take a stand against prejudice, and we celebrate inclusivity. Within the Harbor Day curriculum, we aim to recognize, appreciate, and share each person’s experiences, thereby enhancing the lens through which we all view the world.
DEI Book Discussion Evening Group Photo

A DEI Parent and Faculty Book Discussion Evening on Sharing Cultural Stories.


Student Cultural Presentations

A fourth grade student gives a presentation on Nowruz.

A fourth grade student gives a presentation on Nowruz.

A 3rd grade student gives his presentation about Passover.

A third grade student gives his presentation about Passover.

Second grade students give a presentation on Ramadan.

Second grade students give a presentation on Ramadan.

A fourth grade student presents on Korean New Year.

A fourth grade student presentation on Korean New Year.

Middle School Morning Meeting Discussion on AAPI Month

Seventh grade students discuss AAPI Month during a Middle School Morning Meeting gathering.

Meet the DEI Team


Joel Maki – DEI Coordinator Grades K-2

Jackie Graham – DEI Coordinator Grades 3-5

Moujan Walkow – DEI Coordinator Grades 6-8

Sylvanda Padilla – DEI Coordinator Faculty and Staff


Angi Evans – Head of School

Noelle Becker – Director of Communications  

Keri Hehn – Director of Admission

Susan Johnson – Director of Middle School

Melissa Mullane – Director of Lower School