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The Arts

fifth grade ceramic bird, cheetah, and fox

The Arts

Harbor Day School has a long-standing tradition of excellence in the arts. The visual arts program nurtures a deep appreciation for the history, craftsmanship, and social significance of visual art. Art class provides students a unique learning environment to explore materials and concepts that encourage innovative thinking. The teachers create hands-on lessons emphasizing problem-solving, risk-taking, and self-expression. Students can compete in regional art competitions like the Imagination Celebration and the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts.

The art education program emphasizes the importance of progression, recognizing that creative confidence is nurtured over time. Lessons are thoughtfully crafted to connect with students' prior knowledge, creating a scaffolded learning environment where each new concept builds upon the foundation laid before. This deliberate approach reinforces the understanding of artistic principles and instills a sense of achievement, contributing to the students' growing belief in their creative abilities.

Student artwork is proudly displayed throughout the school and the community. Museum visits and classroom discussions allow the students to discuss and analyze works of art. Students graduate from Harbor Day School with the skills to express themselves confidently in the visual arts.

Fine Art

Harbor Lights art leaves
Self portrait art in lower school
Self portrait
Middle School art
Harbor Lights art leaves painting
Art portrait
rain drops art
first grade art
pencil art
Art gallery
Student Piscasso images on wall
student ceramic pigs
4th grade ceramic owls on display
Donut art

The Arts Team

Dayna Sable

Titles: Middle School Art Teacher

Leslie Yagar

Titles: Lower School Art Teacher, Department Chair

Courtney Zarrilli

Titles: Ceramics Teacher, Art Associate Teacher, Technical Theater Manager