5 Questions with Ms. Gregorcy

1. What do you love the most about teaching (or working at HDS)?
A teacher has the power to change lives. As a teacher, I aim to inspire others to achieve their dreams, help others to find the love I have found in science and its vast complexities, put a smile on someone’s face when they are having a bad day, and aid those who are in dire circumstances. I aim to be a resource of knowledge, comfort, and support for my students. This aspect of teaching brings me much joy and happiness as it allows me to impart information and guidance to students that will allow them to be a great contribution to society through their knowledge and character.

2. How would you describe yourself as a child?
As a child, I was a sleepy explorer. I had this innate ability to fall asleep whenever I needed to regardless of the location. I also frequently liked to wander around and explore the world (luckily, I never got lost!).

3. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
If I could have any superpower, I would time travel. I think it would be neat to visit different eras!

4. Tell us something that people might not know about you.
I never learned how to ride a bike!

5. If you could pass on any wisdom to students, what would you share?
When in doubt, zoom out. Sometimes life can feel very stressful and I’ve found that by zooming out, taking a step back, and by taking one task at a time that the difficult things become a lot easier.

This is Ms. Gregorcy’s first year at Harbor Day. Prior to Harbor Day, she taught for two years as an eighth grade science teacher at Wilmette Junior High School in Illinois. Ms. Gregorcy earned a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry with a minor in Hispanic Studies at Pepperdine University and a Master's of Science in Education & Social Policy Degree at Northwestern University. Ms. Gregorcy enjoys bringing real-life connections to the content she teaches.

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