Holiday Art that Dazzles!

Each year, our entire community looks forward to seeing Harbor Day’s winter holiday art. The walls of the school come alive every holiday season as art fills the walkways, library, and various common spaces on campus! Librarian Mrs. Meyer and the Art Department comprised of Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Yagar, Mrs. Ritz, and Ms. Zarrilli collaborate to make works inspired by a seasonal book. Since our parents cannot be on campus, we are bringing the art to them! Here are some of the latest works by our students.

Kindergarten -Corduroy Project
This multimedia project was inspired by the book A Christmas Wish for Corduroy by Don Freeman. These art pieces currently hang in our library. We celebrate the nostalgia of our school by focusing on our library and fireplace. This beloved area has long been described as the heart of Harbor Day School. As we will soon say goodbye to the building, we photographed the kindergarteners in front of the fireplace, reading to the bear. We printed the adorable photos on black and white cardstock, and the students colored over them with oil pastels. Students learned how to blend colors and lighten the pigment by rubbing off the extra heavy areas. We snuck in a warm and cool color lesson as they worked on their art. To top it off, the students shared a “holiday wish” that was bigger than themselves.

First Grade - The Dot
This year looks different, but the creativity is on point, and we are thrilled to be back at school. We are in a fabulous outdoor art space, braving the elements and exploring the four-week “wheel schedule.” We began by reading The Dot by Peter Reynolds. We have explored this lesson before, but it is always a productive method for rebooting our skills. Through the pages, we explored the fundamental elements of art: lines and shapes. We brainstormed about what makes these elements different and why. After we unleashed that concept, the students enthusiastically created their beautiful pieces.

Second Grade - City Project
The multimedia city project, inspired by the book A Christmas Wish for Corduroy by Don Freeman. We began by studying some outline drawings of basic cities. As the students watched Mrs. Hammond sketch on the whiteboard, they began to draw their own versions. Once they had a design they liked, they traced it with a black sharpie. Students added colored markers and watercolors to the cities to enhance all the detail work. The flair in these pieces was quite amazing. The students took this project seriously, and the results were incredible. They are hanging in the hallway to rave reviews!

Fourth Grade - Corduroy Wishes
Fourth grade read the story, A Pocket for Corduroy. A tale of his adventure in a laundromat, and his resilience in a tricky situation. Themes of hope and compassion are central to all the Corduroy stories. The fourth graders created their own Corduroy bear by collaging cardboard and paper to create a fuzzy little bear with green overalls, a button, and a big pocket. In keeping with the theme of hope, the students wrote down their wishes for 2021. Some wishes were personal like, visiting friends and family far away. Other wishes benefitted everyone such as better health or a safe environment. Their wish was placed in their bear’s pocket for the entire community to see.

Fifth Grade - Winter Forest 
The fifth graders created a collaborative work of art. Each student sketched and painted three winter trees in various sizes. The students were encouraged to use patterns, cool colors, and textures to make their trees come together as a winter wonderland. Their lovely works of art formed a forest of trees with a little sparkle of freshly fallen snow. The clouds above the forest have wishes written by the fifth graders for a healthier, safer, and positive new year.

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