Seahawk of the Week!

The first and second grade PE program recognizes a conscientious approach toward student responsibilities and sportsmanship with the “Seahawk of the Week” award. Each week, students quietly enter either the Moiso Family Activities Center or the blacktop area and anxiously await Coach Park’s Seahawk of the Week announcement.
Students selected for the award contribute to the positive class atmosphere by listening attentively, giving their best effort toward participation, and working respectfully and productively with classmates. The student receives a Blue-Gold Seahawk wristband, certificate, and class recognition. A congratulatory letter of recognition is sent to parents. Seahawk of the Week privileges include helping the teacher with warm-up suggestions, equipment distribution, and selecting students to act as taggers during games.
The best part of earning the “Seahawk of the Week” is the applause of your fellow classmates. The student proudly stands in front of the class to receive their wristband and certificate as Mrs. Pickard takes a picture of the award-winning students with their teacher.
The Seahawk of the Week Announcement Message: “This student comes to class each week with a readiness to learn. They are consistently listening and ready to start class. This student participates to the best of their ability in warm-ups, tasks, and games. They are always kind to others and follow the rules of the game. The Seahawk of the Week is awarded to….”

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Harbor Day School is a co-educational private independent K-8 school established in 1952.