A Sharktastic Adventure!

by Apoorva Jha-Bansal & Laurel Tippett
On Wednesday, September 29, Harbor Day’s Parent Council hosted the first in-person assembly since March 2020! All special assemblies in the 2020-21 school year were held virtually, making the most of the environment we were in. This special assembly focused on students in grades 1-5. 
The husband and wife underwater explorer team of Wayne and Karen Brown brought us The Ocean Adventure. Mr. Brown, a marine biologist, and Mrs. Brown, a scuba diving instructor, took an expedition to Southern Australia, studying the great white shark. They shared that thrilling and educational experience with our students through their engaging storytelling and high-definition pictures on a giant screen. The students first learned a few fun facts about sharks and their ecosystem before they dove into the journey of how they attracted the attention of 15 feet, 3000lb great white female shark, Sheila, during their brave expedition by Port Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown held the complete attention of the students for a good 40 minutes and the presentation was interjected by many Oohhs and Aahhs by the students when pictures of sea lions or little penguins appeared on the screen. The assembly ended with a giant 15-foot inflatable great white shark making an appearance, much like Sheila!
Fun Fact: Did you know sharks belong to the Elasmobranch group of fish?
As the name suggests, Elasmo means elastic and branch, skeleton- meaning a shark’s skeleton is made of cartilage instead of bones! Touch your nose and ears–they have cartilage, not bones!
Ask your child if the sharks in the movie, Finding Nemo, were males or females. Also, ask them if there is anything interesting about shark teeth.

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