The Importance of Harbor Day Associate Teachers

Carole Kredel
The associate program at Harbor Day School was developed in the early '90s by the head of school Sid DuPont. When the program was instituted, kindergarten and first grade each had a shared associate teacher. The School’s needs have grown and currently, there is an associate in each of the kindergarten and first grade classrooms, and a shared associate in grades 2-5. In 2020, HDS hired a middle school associate to assist in grades 6-8. Associates are an integral part of each teaching team. Aside from the support that they provide to their lead teachers, they work with small groups of students to enrich or remediate their academic subjects. Classroom associate teachers also work with students outside the classroom during lunch and recess times. This allows the associates to get to know the students on a more social and emotional level, both in their grade and across grade levels.

Unlike most associate programs, Harbor Day School Associates are all credentialed teachers, some in more than one state. All have completed postgraduate work or their master’s degree. Those working on their California Clear Credential are supported by Harbor Day School to complete the B.T.S.A. (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) or Teacher Induction Program. Harbor Day School has a B.T.S.A coordinator that works solely with our school because of the excellent reputation and strong academic program that Harbor Day offers. 


Harbor Day School

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Harbor Day School is a co-educational private independent K-8 school established in 1952.