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Brushstrokes of Brilliance: HDS Students Shine at Festival of the Arts Show!

By Leslie Yagar, Lower School Art Teacher and Art Department Chair

The Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts is Orange County’s premier art event. Held every summer in Laguna Canyon, the show is on view for six weeks, and features work from local artists. Beginning in 1947, the festival included the artwork of children in their own special Junior Art Exhibition. The Harbor Day School art department has participated in the Junior Exhibition for over forty years!

Public and private schools across the county submit over 1,000 pieces of artwork. The judges select 200 student works of art for inclusion in the Junior Art Exhibition. Awards are presented in each grade level, and winners are honored with medals and ribbons at a special ceremony held in August.

The Harbor Day art department is proud of its artistic legacy in the community. We strive to nurture the talents of young artists and instill a life-long love for the arts. Our participation in The Festival of the Arts is a terrific opportunity for our students to share all they have learned with the greater OC community. This year's show was a smashing success for our artists. Fourteen students had their artwork on display, and ten students won awards! Their artwork was prominently displayed in the Junior Art Gallery, where visitors could appreciate their talents. Charlotte S. and Caroline G. won first place in their grade level (2nd and 5th). In the ceramics category, Theo S. (K) won first, and Landon D. (2nd) took the second place prize. Additional winners included:

Kindergarten - Drew K. 3rd place
First-grade - Catherine G. 2nd place
Second-grade - Charles S. Honorable Mention
Third-grade - Audrey L. 3rd place
Fourth-grade - Brixton S. 3rd place
Sixth-grade - Aurora S. 3rd place

Rohan M., Brooklyn T., Hudson S., and Julia D. also had their beautiful artwork included in the show. The postcards in the gift shop featured artwork by Charlotte S. and Aurora S. Congratulations to all our artists. We are so proud of you!

Participating artist’s quotes:

“My favorite thing about attending the Festival of the Arts was seeing other people's art on display.  I had a lot of fun participating in the festival activities with friends and family, and winning an award made me more excited to make art projects this year!” - Theo S., Kindergarten

“I felt proud seeing my art on display at the Laguna Festival of Arts.” - Landon D., 2nd Grade

“The Festival of the Arts was really fun because I got to see all of the different art pieces students worked hard to create. I was surprised and proud when I saw the first-place ribbon on my Radioactive Robot!” - Charlotte S., 2nd Grade

"I loved being in the art show! It was a great experience, and I loved getting to see what other students have done in their art classes."  - Caroline G., 5th Grade

“As a member of the Harbor Day community that is full of kindness and curiosity, I feel very fortunate that I was given this opportunity to do something for the school. “ - Aurora S., 6th Grade

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