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Four Ways Associate Teachers Use AI in the Classroom

By Jessica Escobar-Vu, Associate Teacher and Associate Department Chair

The associate teachers collaborate with lead teachers to create an engaging and enriching education for students. As the educational landscape evolves, the integration of AI (artificial intelligence) has provided innovative ways to enhance collaboration and learning. One particularly valuable tool many associates and lead teachers use is Canva. Canva is a versatile design platform that integrates AI, making it an excellent resource for creating educational materials. Here are four specific ways we use Canva and its AI Magic Studio capabilities.

  1. Engaging Presentations: Canva has an array of templates, graphics, and fonts that create engaging slideshows. The AI assistant streamlines presentation design. Canva’s AI Magic Studio allows teachers to easily incorporate multimedia elements into the lesson content, catering to diverse learning styles and increasing active engagement among students.
  1. Visual Aids: We create visual aids for students to reference around the classroom utilizing AI-powered designs. Some examples include math posters, class charters, diagrams, and models of class content. These visual aids promote comprehension and retention of subject matter.
  1. Classroom Activities: Canva facilitates the development of classroom activities and worksheets. Math games, graphic organizers, and writing templates are just a few examples of how we incorporate AI-generated and interactive elements into lesson materials. These activities encourage active learning and heightened student engagement.
  1. Showcasing Student Work: The halls of Harbor Day showcase the work and accomplishments students complete. Canva’s digital platform allows us to create visually appealing bulletin boards and digital displays that celebrate student achievements, fostering a sense of pride in their work.
By integrating Canva and AI technology into our teaching practices, we are utilizing innovation to create engaging, visually stimulating, and highly effective classrooms. These tools enhance the overall learning experience for students and streamline content creation, allowing us to allocate more time to instruction and collaboration. 

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