Thank you to our Underwriters!

Alexandra and Alan Airth
Shelley Geiler and John Allen
Apoorva Jha and Sharad Bansal
Sally and Aaron Bartz
Jill and Blake Bertea
Aline and Santino Blumetti
Krista and David Browne
Ashley and James Budge
Suzanne and Brian Burke
Nicole and Dean Camaras
Emily and Paul Casey
Christine and Glen Cawthon
Magi Yang and Gregory Chan
Anna-Marie and Brian Claassen
Nicole and Michael Cudzil
Justine and Angelo Cuneo
Michelle and Tim Danaher
Bita and Alex Dastgheib
Cameran and Joshua Davis
Elizabeth and Ryan Decker
Sara and Lance Dixon
Jackie and Tim Dollander
Stacy and Dana Dowers
Jan M. Eckermann M.D., FAANS Brain &
    Spine Specialist
Reesa and Hirad Emadi
Gina and Luke Feltham
Jennifer and Marc Forth
Kristy and Paul Fraley
Staci and Ben Francois
Linda and Robert Getter
Whitney and Michael Gomez
Ankmalika Gupta
Ngaio and Jeff Haupt
HDS Parent Council
Halleigh and Christopher Hill
Griffin Hoover and Sarah Hogan
Maggie and Jon Horne
Nithin Jilla
Lindsay and Lance Jordan
Elizabeth and Keith Katkin
Liz and John Kirkowski
Kim and Jason Krotts
Liz and David Lee
Wendy Wu and Yunliang Lin
Na Zhao and Zhenyao Liu
Joyce-Ann and Ryan Mahoney
Kimberly and Farzad Massoudi
Jamie and David Mead
Whitney and Joseph Morgan
Jennifer and Brian Niccol
Adriana and Eric Olsen
Renee and Mike Pallera
Cari and Chad Peets
Jaime and Andy Peykoff
Kristen Vitti Pierce and Justin Pierce
Kelly and Matt Piercey
Shelli and Tracy Riddle
Elizabeth and Alex Root
Mollie and James Rosing
Dani Gold And Ed Sellers
Brooke and Chris Shepherdson
Elena and Jeff Singletary
Kerri and Danny Sonenshine
Jessica and Ryan Steelberg
Leslie and Jason Stern
Stephanie and Jeremiah Tao
Sheila Swaroop and Ashok Tripathi
Yoko and Gene Tsai
Laura and Tim Vanderhook
Tina and Shep Wainwright
Megan and Kristofer Wilks
Jenny and Marshall Young
Natalia Sans and Daniel Zahoul Lopez

Fall Benefit Chair Elena Singletary


Please contact Elena Singletary at 949.357.3771 or Angel Ann Waters at ext. 228
for further assistance regarding Fall Benefit.

Harbor Day School

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Harbor Day School is a co-educational private independent K-8 school established in 1952.