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Blue-Gold Intramural Program

People cheering for runners at track meet

Blue-Gold Intramural Program

The Blue-Gold intramural program is a part of the physical education curriculum. The purpose of the intramural program is to provide athletic competition for every student in fifth through eighth grade. Emphasis is placed on participation and good sportsmanship. Students participate in intramural competition within each sports unit. Competition may be scheduled each week or at the end of a unit. The physical education teachers place each student on either the Blue or Gold team at the beginning of the fifth grade year. Siblings and children of alumni are placed on the same team as their family.

All other students are placed on a Blue or Gold team in an attempt to balance the teams according to the number of players and their ability levels. When a competition is held, students earn points for their team according to the outcome of the contest. A win is worth 5 points, a loss of 2 points, and a tie of 3 points. A cumulative total is kept throughout the school year, posted on a scoreboard in the middle school open space area, and announced at school assemblies.

Special events include the Turkey Bowl Competition (which takes place the week before Thanksgiving) and the Blue-Gold Track Meet. Contests have included Australian Long Base, Team Handball, Volleyball, Soccer and Flag Football. Special event competitions earn extra points for each team, with the end of the year Blue-Gold Track Meet often deciding the overall winner for the year as students earn several hundred points for their teams.


Captains and Co-Captains

Each year, the students in each grade vote to select a team captain and co-captain for the boys and girls in their class. Captain and co-captain responsibilities include:

  • He or she will go out of his or her way to invite a withdrawn classmate into an activity.
  • He or she will try to make all students on the team feel needed and part of the team.
  • He or she will listen with respect and patience when students with different ideas are speaking.
  • He or she promotes friendly relations with all members of the team and opponents.
  • He or she is fair.
  • He or she sets a good example of sportsmanship for the team.
  • He or she is prepared with a team list of positions on Blue/Gold day.
  • He or she will lead warm-ups and exercises.
  • He or she will act as a liaison between the team and teacher.
  • He or she will exhibit sound judgment in making decisions.

Historical Athletic Photos

Track Meet 79

Track Meet in 1979

Track Meet 1986 Boys jump Hurdles

Track Meet Hurdles in 1986

Student throws Shot put 1990

Shot put during the 1990 Track Meet

Student jumping long jump at the 1990 track meet

Long jump during the 1990 Track Meet

Track Meet 2015

Track Meet 2015

Student on high jump 2016

High Jump at the 2016 Track Meet

track meet hurdles 2019

Hurdles during the 2019 Track Meet.

Flag Football game during the 23 Turkey Bowl

Flag Football during the 2023 Turkey Bowl

Students at the 2016 Turkey Bowl

Students during the 2016 Turkey Bowl

Turkey Bowl 1989

Students show school spirit at the 1989 Turkey Bowl

Blue-Gold Track Meet 2024

Blue Gold Track Meet Girls
Blue Gold Track Meet boys
Blue Gold Track Meet blue girls pose for photo
Blue Gold Track Meet Teachers
Blue Gold Track Meet racing blue team
Blue Gold Track Meet High Jump girl
Blue Gold Track Meet long jump
students cheer for blue team
Blue Gold Track Meet high jump boy
Blue Gold Track Meet 5th boys
Blue Gold Track Meet gold racing
Blue Gold Track Meet relay ending
Blue Gold Track Meet girls cheer for gold

Highlights from the 2024 Blue-Gold Track Meet