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The Advisory Mission Statement: “The Harbor Day School Advisory program complements a rigorous academic program by building a partnership between advisor and advisee designed to develop students' self-reliance, moral character, personal responsibility, and social action within a guided, cooperative environment.”

Harbor Day’s School’s advisory program splits sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students into groups that meet three times a week with an advisor with a group of about seven to nine students. Its primary purpose is to ensure that each student has an adult who can act as their advocate, often achieved through a mix of one-on-one and group guidance. These advisory periods perform several important functions, including:

  • Preparing students for the school day ahead of them (in the morning) and getting a head start on homework or assignments (in the afternoon)
  • Creating a sense of community and ensuring students know that there is always someone that they can turn to for help, whether academically, socially, or personally
  • Building a solid support system for each student by supplying a single point person (their advisor) who will develop a strong relationship with them and their parents

Beyond supporting strong academics, the advisory program guides students in developing essential skills that help them succeed beyond the classroom:

  • Time management
  • The ability to plan ahead
  • Self-advocacy
  • The ability to ask for help when it is needed

What makes the Harbor Day School advisory program so powerful is the relationships that it cultivates between students and faculty.
Advisory Integrity Statement
I work with integrity and take responsibility for my work.

Middle School students with their advisor

Students in advisory with their advisor.

Middle School students write letters in advisory

Middle School students write letters to those in need during their advisory class.